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Kerosene Sky - Kerosene Sky

Kerosene Sky is a Hard Rock band located in Los Angeles. Their music is a creative new blend of Hard Rock and Modern Rock combined with incredible songwriting and a commercial "Radio-Friendly" sound. Kerosene Sky is the band’s self-titled debut album release, and it reveals the talents of a band with unlimited potential and audience appeal. The album was produced by Jason Corsaro, who has also produced and/or engineered albums by Duran Duran, Madonna, Cheap Trick, Motorhead, Deep Purple, The Ramones, Masters of Reality, Danzig, and Soundgarden. Kerosene Sky recently opened for Bon Jovi at the 16,000-seat SaveMart Center in Fresno on March 1, 2006.

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Midnight To Twelve - King of Spain

Midnight To Twelve is an original rock band with phenomenal enthusiasm, energetic live shows and amazing fan appeal. Midnight To Twelve has toured the United States extensively making a name for themselves and gaining a huge following of new fans one city at a time. Beginning in Los Angeles, the Buzz and the Live Shows soon spread to Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia, and throughout the rest of the country. In the fall of 2005, indie record label KORD Records signed Midnight To Twelve to a recording contract and immediately took them into the studio with multi-platinum record producer Sylvia Massy Shivy. King of Spain is the band's debut album release for KORD Records, and Rainy Day Records is pleased to be associated with KORD Records in the marketing and distribution of this brilliant new album.
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Sons of Servants - Slang Melody

Southern Bad-Boy Blues Rock in the tradition of The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. But, with a harder edged style designed for today's generation. This Texas based rock band has developed an incredible arena-ready sound featuring the duel-lead guitar attack that is so often associated with Southern Rock bands. However, Sons of Servants successfully combine high testosterone and muscular Blues-Rock with more traditional Southern Rock lyrics and sensibilities.

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Anne McCue - Roll

Anne McCue is a Singer, Songwriter and Musician who has migrated from her home in Australia to Los Angeles. When she wrote the song I Want You Back‚ she immediately thought of Dusty Wakeman as a possible co-conspirator to record the song, due to it's twangy overtones and the fact that it was inspired by an interview she had heard on the radio with Johnny Cash. After Anne graduated from Sydney's University of Technology with a degree in Film Production and Film Studies she moved to Melbourne with little more than a $60 guitar she borrowed from her brother, a large blue suitcase, and a plan to write a novel. Finding the writer's life a little isolating, she answered an ad in the paper which read "Wanted: Wild Women for RocknRoll Band" and joined the pop rock band Girl Monstar as lead guitarist, touring the country and topping the independent charts for weeks at a time. On the side, she studied music theory and began honing her own songwriting style. After four years and an ARIA nomination (the Australian Grammys), Anne decided to pursue a solo career. Roll is Anne's debut album release with Messenger Records. Rainy Day Records is excited to collaborate with Messenger Records in the distribution of this excellent album.
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Jesse Aycock - Life's Ladder

Jesse Aycock is a singer, songwriter and musician from Tulsa, who is now spreading his own brand of Folk Roots Rock to the rest of the country. Jesse's music is reminiscent of the legendary Tulsa Sound of the 1960's and 70's, which was introduced to the world by artists like Leon Russell, Elvin Bishop, J.J. Cale, Eric Clapton and David Gates. Life's Ladder is Jesse's debut album release, and is reveals a bright young songwriter and musician with the soul of Gram Parsons.
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Sugar Free Allstars - Dos Machos

The Sugar Free Allstars are a funky, organ-rock duo whose musical style is sometimes hard to define because of its various musical influences and unusual instrumentation. They are essentially a Rock band with Memphis Soul Funk influences, which exposes a whole new generation to the legendary sounds of Stax Records and Booker T & The MG's. Dos Machos is the duo's most recent album release and it combines straight up Rock & Roll with a touch of Pop songwriting sensibilities, all while remaining true to the Heart and Soul of the Memphis Sound.
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Electric Peacock - Pray for Rain

A Retro return to the Psychedelic Rock from the San Francisco underground music scene of the late 60's and early 70's, but with a progressive style designed to appeal to an entire new generation.
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Slowvein - All the Better to See You With

The debut album from rock band Slowvein which caused their fans and the music industry to stand up and take notice. Slowvein brings forth traditional style Rock molded for an entire new generation of listeners.
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Slowvein - Push

As we embark on the New Millenium, Slowvein brings forth traditional style Rock molded for an entire new generation. "Push" is Slowvein's sophomore release.
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Pop & Pop Rock

JADE REDD - Rivers of Stone

JADE REDD is a band with a unique new style. While there have been many attempts at "New Age Pop", JADE REDD takes a creative new approach to that concept, becoming a "Pop" band with "New Age" influences, as opposed to a "New Age" band with "Pop" influences. They combine lush vocals and haunting melodies with provocative lyrics, while maintaining traditional lyrical hooks and pop melodies. Rivers of Stone is their debut album release, and it features the beautiful voice of Madalena joined with the music and songs of James Briggs. Their sound is like Evanescence and Enya stirred into one mystical brew, and it continually crosses back and forth across the line between the sensual and the sacred. This debut album was produced by Jay Ferguson, the former lead singer and founding member of Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, and it brings to mind some of the unique sounds captured by Spirit on their early releases, including the historic album entitled "Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" which was recorded at Sound City more than thirty-five years ago.
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Joanna W - Epiphany

Joanna W may be best known to the public as a world-class Professional Blackjack Player who can frequently be seen appearing on television in various professional blackjack tournaments, including the World Series of Blackjack, The World Blackjack Championship and the Spike TV series King of Vegas. However, Joanna's first love and real passion in life is music, and playing blackjack for a living just serves as a unique "Day Job", similar to the necessary evil required of almost every other aspiring young musician. Joanna W combines exceptional songwriting with a musical and vocal style that includes elements of Electronica, Dance and Trance with more structured Pop and Pop Rock sensibilities. Epiphany is Joanna's debut album release. The album was produced by Dee Fortney, who also co-wrote all of the material with Joanna, and it reveals a dynamic young artist with an evolving vocal style and unlimited potential.
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Aaron L. Walton - Aaron L. Walton

Aaron Walton is a singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer located in Kansas City. His music is an interesting blend of Adult Contemporary Pop and Traditional Pop, which appeals to a broad demographic market from ages 18 to 80. Aaron L. Walton is his debut album release, and Rainy Day Records is proud to partner with Vision 7 Records in the marketing and distribution of this album, which introduces a bright young recording artist with incredible talent.
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Gilli Moon - Woman

Gilli Moon is a singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist from Australia, now living in Los Angeles. Her restless creativity and rebellious nature continually urge her to push the envelope in the studio and on stage. An eternal chameleon in artistry and thought, Gilli Moon creates music that is fresh, rebellious, passionate and unique.
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Gilli Moon - Extraordinary Life

Laura Shay - To A Place

Using the piano as a voice in coping with a personal tragedy, Laura Shay embarked on her musical career at age sixteen, when she played an Open Mic Night at a bar in her neighborhood, located in northeast Philadelphia. Now, just a few years later, Laura is armed with a full band, a grittier sound, and an arsenal of original songs that reflect the heart and soul of a songwriter and musician with talent beyond her years. Her music features lyrics that are confessional, observant and brutally honest, combined with unique Pop-Rock melodies that seem to stick in your head. This debut release was produced and engineered by Grammy Award winning Producer Glenn Barratt, and the album provides a raw glimpse into the evolution of this intriguing young artist.
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Melissa Giges - No Perfect Time

Melissa Giges is a talented young Singer, Songwriter and Musician located in New York City. She originally discovered her love for singing as a child, when she would continuously hum the melodies of the classical works she was learning on the piano. Her passion for music grew as she explored everything from musical theatre and pop to opera and jazz during her teens, and eventually she decided to major in vocal music in college. Now, Melissa has expanded her musical ability by learning to express her feelings and emotions through songwriting. Her powerful combination of expressive lyrics and a beautiful voice, that spans a three octave range, now enchants and captivates a growing group of fans that have emerged from a variety of musical genres. No Perfect Time is Melissa's debut album release, and it reveals her unique talent as a Jazz influenced Pop artist.
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Modern Rock & Power Metal

BENT - Psychedelic Sideshow

BENT bursts forth from the Heartland of America with metal tinged, hard edged Modern Rock. Venting their collective psyche through their songs and their live shows, as well as their fans and the culture they inhabit, BENT holds nothing back. The depth of their artistic expression is matched by that of their musical talent and live energy. The newest release from Rainy Day Records is BENT's "Psychedelic Sideshow" which has been redesigned and remastered and is available now. Reserve your special release copy of the NEW CD today. Order NOW and you will be entered into the VIP Grammy Trip Contest, and you will also receive an Original Release copy of the NEW CD and a New Publicity Photograph of the band personally autographed by each band member!
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Disjointed - The Imminent End

You have probably heard the Merle Haggard song entitled "An Okie From Muskogee". Well, forget everything you might have thought you learned from that tune! Disjointed is a Power Metal band from Muskogee, that is poised to become the best new Metal band on the planet. "I doubt it", you say. "A Metal band from Oklahoma? I don't think so". Well, that is the same kind of doubt that was expressed when a new young Metal band came roaring out of Texas fifteen years ago. The name of that Texas band was Pantera! Set your soul free, turn your body loose, Get Disjointed!
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Neverset - Behind Every Door

Neverset is a Modern Rock band from Dallas, that is now touring throughout the Southwest, Midwest, and the rest of the country. Like a shot to the arm, Neverset first hit the Dallas music scene in the spring of 2004. The response from an audience beleaguered by the "Same Old, Same Old" was immediate, and Neverset was nominated as the best new band of 2004. In just a few short months, Neverset vaulted ahead to become one of the most talked about up-and-coming bands in Texas. Within a year, Neverset has already received their painting on the infamous Curtain Club's “Wall of Fame”. Behind Every Door is Neverset's debut album release, and their music really can not be explained. It MUST be HEARD!
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Welcome The Silence - Welcome The Silence

Welcome The Silence is a modern rock band, originally hailing from the Southwest, that is now spreading their own unique brand of Alternative Rock, that is laced with dark, vaguely underground metal, to the rest of the country. Welcome The Silence is the band's self-titled debut album release, and it brings forth high testosterone Rock combined with lyrical melodies that appeal to both sexes.
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Ballista - New Beginnings

Ballista is Funk Metal at full throttle fueled by lyrically driven songs with solid melodies and vocal harmonies. Their music is reminiscent of early Incubus with a splash of 311 added to the mix, while constantly moving forward with straight ahead Rock.
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Blue Eyed Soul

Rhett Frazier - Welcome to the Club

Rhett Frazier is a talented, young, Hollywood-Handsome, white male, who is a former resident of Austin, Texas, now living in Los Angeles. Rhett is a Rhythm & Blues and Soul singer and songwriter who built a huge following in the music scene of Austin, which has become a hotbed for music throughout the Southwest. Rhett has previously performed in Europe with renowned Blues artist Dr. John, and he has also worked and recorded in the studio with Soul legend Bobby Womack. Rhett is now positioned as an artist to participate in the current reformation and Pop-ularization of Soul and R & B music that is being led by recording artists like Beyonce, Ashanti, Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys; as well as female Blue-Eyed Soul artist Joss Stone and recently reinvented Blue-Eyed Soul artist Justin Timberlake.
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Nora Whittaker - Imaginary Friends

Nora Whittaker is a young, up and coming Blue-Eyed Soul artist from Philadelphia, who also just happens to have bright blue eyes. Her original songs span the entire gamut of human emotions, from humor to heartache, as she relates authentic stories that are inspired by her own personal experiences. Imaginary Friends is Nora's independent label debut album release, and it reveals a bright new artist with unlimited potential.
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Roots & Country

Kent Blazy - Have Guitar - Will Travel

Legendary Nashville songwriter Kent Blazy finally goes out on his own to release his debut solo album, featuring guest appearances by some major Country recording artists. Kent has penned songs for a Who’s Who of Country recording artists, including Diamond Rio, Dallas County Line, Clay Walker, Terri Clark, Ty Herndon, Chely Wright, Charlie Daniels, Chris LeDoux, Ricky Lynn Gregg, Shelby Lynne, Moe Bandy, Lane Turner, Kenny Chesney, George Jones, and Garth Brooks, including the major Garth Brooks hits "Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)" and "If Tomorrow Never Comes," as well as the George Jones and Garth Brooks Duet entitled "Beer Run!"

"Have Guitar – Will Travel" includes several of these hit songs, along with other original songs that are being released for the first time. The album also features surprise guest performances by some of the recording artists who made Kent’s songs famous. If you are an aspiring songwriter, hearing this music is like attending a graduate level course in songwriting instruction, and is an absolute “Must Own” album! However, if you are just a fan of music in general, this debut album will introduce you to some new music from one of the best songwriters in Nashville.
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Gus Hardin - I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can

Ms. Carolyn Ann "Gus" Hardin, the freewheeling, spirited, whisky-voiced singer, whose mixture of Blues, Rock, Gospel and Country typified the "Tulsa Sound" of the 1970's was killed in a tragic automobile accident in 1996. In the early 1980's, Gus signed a recording contract with RCA RECORDS in Nashville, where her soulful vocals were captured on three albums. In 1984, Gus was named "Best New Country Vocalist" by the Academy of Country Music. This album presents Gus and her music on Compact Disc for the first time and contains FIVE NEW RELEASES she had previously recorded at "Sound City" and also features the background vocals of Tulsa's Betsy Smittle, GARTH BROOKS' sister. The album provides all of Gus Hardin's loyal fans the opportunity to preserve her voice for posterity on Compact Disc, as well as to expose a whole new generation of music fans to her incredible talent for the first time.
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